Fuck That Shit

Chatting with a friend in yahoo messenger and discussing about writing “serious” stuff.  His suggestion: “Just pepper it with theoretical shit”.  I just love how he nails the ambiguity of many so-called theories that often pass for intellectual discourses right to its  very digestive track.  I always thought it was all in the language.  Yes, […]

Therapy first note

Last night, I went out with my officemate to look for this bar that is supposed to be gay and internationally patronized.  We threaded the whole road that had little quaint stores.  There were many teenagers with weird 80s hair who had practically colonized every bar and al fresco coffee shops.  Their noise and their […]

Life Is A Trap (A set of three one-act plays in Virgin Labfest 5)

Note:  Because this is a very informal review, and a blog entry, I will do away with polite criticisms, big words, and politically correct statements.  This piece spews a lot of unfounded biases, stereotypes, chauvinistic tones, and b.s. Anybody who lives in Manila knows that traveling to CCP is like traversing an ocean. Unless one’s […]

The essence of Starbucks conversations

The funny thing about coffee conversations is that they tend to be about everything, and nothing.  (footnote coffee conversation: people sit down to have coffee and talk about almost anything, except work matters).  When you have to really think about it, they do not amount to something – like close a business deal or a […]

La Pianiste

I held off writing something about La Pianiste (2001) directed by Michael Haneke for a while because I could not immediately understand it.  And yet I knew I loved it right away.  I rarely get to see films that touch on complex and miserable human relationships.  I found it disturbing, something similar to the feeling […]

Going south

I live in a street that trails down Edsa; wherever I go I simply orient it either to my left of Edsa, which is southbound, or to my right.  My sense of geography – and my life on the whole – is sort of simplified by my relationship to this road: my grade school was […]

Independencia – or how to crave for Sid Lucero in a G-string

I was incited to “review” Independencia (2009) directed by Raya Martin because of the following: everyone I knew who saw it at the French Film Festival gave the film a thumbs down and I wanted to process why this was so; I read my friend’s take on the film and I couldn’t help but also […]